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Temperature Monitoring

Miniature wireless temperature sensors, 100% reliable to put in the refrigerator, the cold room, the refrigerated display case, the refrigerated truck ... and a base that records in real time and continuously the temperature values. If the temperature of a sensor exceeds the maximum threshold for example, an alert is sent by SMS and in real time to the different people you want. Simulate and test our online free Demo. A second alarm is sent if the temperature returns to normal.

In addition, an alert is sent to you in the event of a power cut or restoration. We provide you with a personalized and secure access to a website to allow you to view and download the temperature values. You also have access to a printable daily report for control and monitoring.
Without commitment of duration and no registration fees and file.

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Several of our customers have benefited from a reduction in their annual insurance premium following the use of our temperature monitoring system.
Our solution complies with the recommendations concerning the temperature monitoring of ANSES - National Agency for Food Safety, Environment and Labor.

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